10% of Guyanese coastline to become protected areas!

When everyone helps out, great things can happen. Just a few days ago the WWF, the Protected Areas Commission of Guyana (who we are partnering with on the expedition), and the Suriname government signed to ensure 10% of the coastline of the two nations be converted to marine protected areas by 2020. This is fantastic news and even more impressive in the generosity by the European Union donating 1.25 million Euros to the cause! Read more about the agreement here! We are proud to going on this expedition to a nation that wants the best for its’ nature.

Legislating for protected areas is a vital first step in conservation, to be followed by enforcement and research, as well as helping the local communities. Over 90% of Guyana’s human population live along the coastal zones! The coastlines of Guyana and Suriname support important ecosystems of coral reefs and mangroves forests which are declining globally.

The work of our expedition will take us deep into the interior of the country and to highly isolated mountainous rainforest. The Protected Areas Commission’s new reserve will be our home and research site for the summer. Only 5 months to go! Help us out by donating at our Gofundme! page.

The Guyana team


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