New Tarantula Species Discovered in Guyana

Researchers from the Global Wildlife Conservation discovered what is believed to be a new species of tarantula in Kaieteur National Park and the Upper Potaro area.

Kaieteur Falls Map
The species was found in the Kaieteur National Park in the Upper Potaro area of Guyana.

A stunning blue tarantula is one of 30 new species discovered by scientists in Guyana. The amazing arachnid was found hiding in a hollowed-out tree, and is believed to have been unknown to science. The discovery of the new species comes shortly after a video emerged online showing another species of blue tarantula, called Poecilotheria metallica, discovered in India last year.

Researchers found a wealth of new creatures while searching the Kaieteur National Park, including six species of fish, 15 aquatic beetles and five dragonflies. University of Mississippi doctoral student Andrew Snyder was the member of the Global Wildlife Conservation’s Biodiversity Survey Team who first spotted “a small glint of brilliant, cobalt blue sticking out of a small hole in a rotting stump,” which he initially dismissed as shine coming from a spider’s eyes.

Snyder said something made him go back and look, and it was then he discovered the tarantula he knew was something special. “This upland region where the surveys took place represents a very important transition zone for species between the lowlands and the highlands and was characterised by high levels of endemism for many taxonomic groups,” Snyder said.

The incredible findings highlight the unbelievably rich biodiversity in Guyana. A spokesperson for Global Wildlife Conservation said: ‘Guyana is one of the world’s most important countries for biodiversity conservation with the second highest percentage of forest cover on Earth, high levels of biological diversity and species that are found nowhere else.’

Read more about the discovery here;

It is believed that the blue tarantula, discovered by University of Mississippi doctoral student Andrew Snyder in Guyana, is a new species. Submitted photo by Andrew Snyder

New tarantula species discovered

Student discovers new tarantula species

And check out the full WWF report here;

WWF Biodiversity Assessment Survey



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